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Decision Making (1/2 Day)


Edward De Bono invented the concept of lateral thinking, he is a writer and philosopher who is the leading authority in the field of creative thinking and teaches thinking as a skill. His work spans generations, continents and belief systems and is equally

influential in the boardrooms of major businesses such as

Apple and British Airways.

He has been hailed as one of the 250 people who have contributed most to mankind and The Six Thinking Hats is one of De Bono's most famous methods.

By the end of this session, delegates will have knowledge of

The Six Thinking Hats method, be able to explain how the six different colours work by group discussions, group exercises and presentations, and to be able to recognise the impact that using

The Six Thinking Hats will have in making decisions and for use in future meetings.


After attending this Decision Making workshop, delegates will be able to:


  • Be more confident in the decisions they make

  • Be quicker in decision making

  • Plan their meetings to be more creative

  • Spend less time in meetings

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