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My First Year in Business

Updated: May 21, 2019

They say time flies when you're having fun and the last 12 months have flown by and it's been fun...for the most part anyway!

As I sit here and reflect over the journey that I have gone through in the last 12 months my first thoughts are drawn to the people, the amount of support, encouragement and well-wishes that I have received since I started inspired Learning has been overwhelming.

Thank you

My close family and friends believed in me from day one and their continuous words of encouragement have really been the backbone of what has seen me through some days where I've doubted myself.

Then there's the ex-colleagues and ex-team members that have also contacted me with their kind words and encouragement, some of which I'd not spoken to for 4 or 5 years. It's been fantastic to re-connect and I thank you whole heartedly for your support.

Let's not forget all the new people that I've met this past year, new businesses, other business owners from network events and those that I’ve connected with through social media.

I've been overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of advice that other business owners have offered up and have genuinely cared about my success. I look forward to being able to offer other business owners the same advice in the future.

I can’t thank you enough and put into words how much this means to me and will continue to build even stronger relationships with in my second year.

“We've worked with 17 lovely new customers this year and inspired just over 450 people with our training in the process, which equates to approximately 137 coffees drank by me”

I’ve learnt a lot too!

It’s not just the people that have been on any of my training that have learnt new things. I've definitely been on a personal journey of growth whilst setting up Inspired Learning, it's not all been playing sailing and there has been highs as well as lows, but I can definitely say that the highs outweigh the lows.

The lows however were so important as I love to learn new things and this learning curve which I’m still on helps me to learn from things when they don't quite go as planned and ultimately makes me stronger person. I’ve already got really good at fixing printers and putting office furniture together to name a few!

Year 2 here we go…

We are now entering an exciting new phase at Inspired Learning for our second year, Marc my partner has just joined the business as Operations Director, we are just about to launch our website, have plans to launch open courses and many other exciting initiatives in the coming year.

Throughout April I will be delving deeper by writing more blogs around the key areas in which I've grown throughout this first year so look out for my other blogs as I open up my thoughts and feelings, take you through my peaks and troughs and offer my tips, which I hope in turn can inspire you to achieve your goals.

Bye for now 😊

While you're hear feel free to take a look at our brand new website:

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